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The Secret to Customer Service Excellence

Intelligent, Fun, & Engaging Training - The Secret to Service Excellence

The Gurus' 3B Mantra

"Stacey is an excellent trainer! Her sincerity and energy added to the enrichment of the class! I hope that [my company] works with her company again." 

E.L. class participant 

"I very much love your presentation skills, and your confidence about what you know shines through and really hits home for me."  Participant evaluation 

Our Difference

What makes The Secret to Service Excellence™ unique is we customize each class by mystery shopping your employees and partnering with you to develop what Be Nice, Be Right, Be Here, looks like  operationally in your organization.  


The objective of this session is to simply help your employees deliver excellent customer service, every time, with every customer.  It focuses on specific actions and behaviors to create experiences that your customers want to repeat and share with others.  It is delivered on-site by an expert facilitator from The Gurus’ team.


Expected outcomes increases in customer satisfaction and loyalty, employee engagement, and operational efficiencies. 


Bonus Service - Your Experience Does Not End With Class

To change behavior takes time, persistence, and consistency. As part of our Comprehensive Service Excellence Package, The Customer Service Gurus offers on-going post-class support.  Using communication strategies and a proprietary software, we can help your employees maintain their superior customer service skills .


Why it Works

  • It is flexible. We offer 3 training packages to suit your organization's needs and budget. 

    • 2 Hour Seminar - This is a nice overview of service excellence.   This works well for team building, conferences, among other events.

    • 4 Hour Training Class - Customized and engaging, this class will set your organization on a new road of excellence. 

    • Comprehensive Service Excellence Package - Unlimited 4 Hour Classes to train your entire staff, plus pre-class and post-class support from The Customer Service Gurus team.


  • It is customized!  The principles of service are the same in most industries, but how those concepts execute in real life separates you from your competition.


  • It is designed based on the latest in adult learning theory and the needs of a multigenerational workforce.


  • It is experiential.  The participants quickly engage and play with the ideas in realistic applicable activities.  No boring lectures or passive learning! 


Stacey in action! 

Participants learning and engaging.

If you are ready to improve your customer experience, increase service scores, and grow revenue, please contact us for a free consultation.

Customer Service Next Level Programs

      The Secret to         Servicing Difficult Situations 

The objective of this four-hour course is to teach your service professionals techniques to handle difficult situations, and be the hero.  It focuses on handling the emotions of an upset customer, managing their own emotions, and how to recover from the situation in order to end  every interaction on a positive note.


Expected outcomes increased employee confidence and customer satifcation.  Decreased issue escalations and compensation cost.

The Secret to  Creating a Service Culture

The objective of this four-hour course is to help leaders understand The Gurus' principles of Customer Service, and how to apply it to their employees. Doing so creates an organizational culture that is inviting, trusting, and effective.  Employees and leaders enjoy the work environment and their roles.


Expected outcomes, increased customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Decreased attendance problems and other HR type compliance issues. 


The Secret to Managing Customer Service Excellence

The objective of this three-hour course is to help leaders create an environment of customer service excellence.  It focuses on management best practices and coaching techniques, which are key drivers of your long-term success.


Expected outcomes increased employee satisfaction and engagement, at all levels.  Decreased attrition due to poor performance.