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Uncertain Times

March 24, 2020

The beginning of 2020 seemed so optimistic, so inspiring.  It was to be the new Roaring 20s. 


But in three short months, life as we know it has forever changed because of a short word: Coronavirus. 


Words like social distancing, hoarding, PPEs, remote office, are known by each of us, and other scarier words may come as the virus makes it way through the United States. 


This will fundamentally change how we work from this moment forward. Here are a few of my thoughts in human resources to help you and your employees make it through this difficult time.


What Not To Do

  • Layoff employees as a knee jerk reaction.  Please wait to layoff workers as long as possible, if you have to at all.  Starting over after a massive layoff may be more stressful and costly than keeping employees on a  minimal payroll to weather this storm.

  • Assume all positions can be remote, or that all employees can easily move to remote. Look at each job and its essential functions. Can tasks be delayed until a later time?   Do employees have the technical hardware to work from home?  Do you expect them to work the same hours, same structure? 

  • Assume all leaders can be effective remote leaders.  Offer them tools and training to manage in a remote world.  It is different. 


What To Do

  • Remember EVERYONE MATTERS in an organization.  Each decision you make affects not just that employee but their family.  We are seeing this play out now how the employees who are the heroes of our times are the ones who usually receive the least noise: cleaning teams, truckers, nurses, teachers, and so many others. 

  • Be generous.  This is time to be flexible with leave of absence policies and work expectations.  We are all stressed. 

  • Adjust insurance plans.  Work with your brokers to see if there is more you can do to help your employees with any insurance cost.



And most importantly increase your organizational compassion.  The longer this goes on, the more every one of us will know someone in a difficult to tragic situation.  #Let your humanity guide your business decisions as much as your financial statements.  Your employees will forever remember whatever you choose to listen to the most.


If I can help with any of the above, please let me know.  Keep calm and carry on as best as you can. 





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