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Event Speaker - Keynotes, General Sessions, and Workshops

Stacey loves sharing the good news and strategies to improve Customer Service and HR practices.  She refers to her topics as HR and Employee Development with a twist.   Contact us for booking information.


"Adventures in Customer Service"  

  • Leader version - This keynote is for executives and leaders managing customer service employees.  It is full of Stacey's stories from teaching her customer service class, and will leave your audience in a positive mindset with workable tips and strategies to help their employees move to superior service.

  • Employee version - This keynote is for those who are in currently in customer service roles.  Stacey shares her humorous and heartfelt stories from her years in customer service, and motivates them to be their best with every customer, everyday. ​

HR Topics - Both are approved for SHRM recertication credits

  • "Developing a Compassionate Workforce" Many of the challenges in the workplace, such as sexual harassment and diversity challenges, can start with a lack of compassion for our fellow employees.  In this session, Stacey will share techniques from her book, Compassion@work, to give HR professional ideas how to improve employee relationships with each other.

  • "Strategies for Today's Multigenerational Workforce" - HR Professionals are facing a new era of workforce demographics. Today’s workforce comprises of an astounding four generations, and each generation presents interesting challenges. This presentation will provide an insight into the characteristics of today’s workforce based on research and how to best operate in this new world. Participants will walk away with practical ideas from anecdotal experience and ultimately appreciate this unique diversity which will shape your future organizational success.

Recent Engagements

  • Data Facts sponsored webinar for HR Professionals - February 2017

  • University of Southern Indiana, In Service Event - January 2017

  • Women's Leadership Conference, Chamber of Commerce of Cape Coral, Florida - September 2016

Stacey facilitating a conference breakout session.
Guest speaker for a monthly professional organization.

Audience Comments

"The overall rating for the meeting you hosted was a 4.71 out of 5... This was the highest overall rating that we have had all year."


"Your talk was very interesting, because we never stop and think in those terms, 

words and phrases kind. So you kind of helped me redirect my thinking processes."


"It was a great presentation and fun! Lots of take back to the office ideas! Thanks!"


Consulting Services


We are a full service training and development company.  If you seek a service not specifically mentioned below, please contact us. Our organizational development projects are only limited by your business objectives and goals. 


Past client projects include...

  • Audited client's current training materials for suggestions for improvement.

  • Created a brand customized second tiered customer service class to improve already impressive customer satisfaction scores.

  • Designed, developed, and delivered a webinar leadership development series for new managers.

  • Designed and developed an e-learning onboarding program. 

  • Reviewed client's internal and external communications for maximum customer service impact.

  • Shadowed operational environments for performance improvement suggestions and intervention recommendations.

  • Delivered organizational development classes to manufactoring company.

  • Facilitated classes all over the US for domestic new IT software implementation.


Our goal is for you to consider us your human resources development partners.  We look forward to creating long-term successful relationships with you.


The Secret to Service Excellence

Stacey teaching our flagship program.