Your Employees Need Your Help

Truly, employees want to perform at the highest level, and you need them to perform at the highest level.  Where is the disconnect?  It is usually lack of inspiring training and development that keeps your talent from reaching their full potential.

That is where we come in! 

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Ok, that isn't my whole name.

My name is Stacey Oliver-Knappe, and I am a workplace training guru. I have successfully written and delivered courses for over 10K participants (I know! It astounded me too.) Whatever performance challenge your team faces, I have probably seen it and would be honored to help.

If your company is not getting the results you seek, it can usual be narrowed to three core issues: unskilled leaders, unclear processes, or untrained employees.

The good news is positive results are possible.  We have seen it time and time again.


What happens if you don't develop your employees?

1.  Your BEST PERFORMERS will leave.  They know they are valuable and deserve investment in their future.

2. Your WORST PERFORMERS will stay.  They know your expectations are low. They can coast along, continue to make mistakes, and cost you precious business.

3. Your BUSINESS RESULTS do not improve.  Your problems won't magically go away. Hope is an ineffective strategy. 

The consequences are grave if you do nothing.  It's possible you are on the path of dying irrelevant business.

However, the consequences of engaging and developing employees can change that trajectory to amazing success.  


Outstanding Results


Virtual or In Person

Effective training requires techniques to allow employees to break out of their normal routine to be challenged and grow. 

Whether virtual, as called for with the pandemic, or eventually in person again, our training classes offer high levels of engagement plus improved performance. 

A Sampling of Topics We Offer

The Secret to Customer Service Excellence

The Secret to Managing Excellence

The Secret to Easy Instructional Design


Clarity through Documentation

The backbone to a successful organization is clear and concise documentation.  Employees need clean policies and procedures to perform to their best.  They need to know the organization's boundaries and expectations.   Your trainers need clean facilitator guides to execute successful training events.

If you haven't revised your training curriculum, or visited your employee policies or standard operating procedures (SOPs)  lately, it is critical it is done.  Many mistakes, lawsuits and performance issues are corrected with solid documentation. 


Keep It Simple

Employees are interesting and it is rarely easy to understand how to lead them.  If they are unproductive, ineffective, technically inept, bored, or unchallenged, these can all affect your organization's overall success.

We have an easy and quick method to evaluate your team. It takes less than two weeks to complete and creates a plan you can execute to create the high performing team you dreamed of. 

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